The Value of a Career Objective Statement

Freddie Adams

The resume objective is the section of your resume that informs recruiters about the type of job you are looking for and your qualifications for the position. Examine your ability to write an impressive resume. The most important section of any resume is the career objective. Your resume objective statement will always catch the attention of hiring managers, regardless of the position you apply for. Presenting this section clearly and efficiently will capture the attention of the employers and significantly reduce your efforts.

A resume is divided into sections, each of which is equally important. You may be unaware of what the employer is looking for in a candidate and which sections he may go through to determine your suitability for the position. As a result, even if they will not read your resume completely, it is critical that you write it accurately and present the most relevant information. A poorly written resume will not make a good impression, so make sure that every detail listed in your CV is correct.

The Value of a Resume Objective

Any CV should begin with an objective statement. It is a 2-3 line statement that discusses the applicant’s career goals. Keep in mind that this section serves as the introduction to your CV, so it should be written exceptionally well. A good start will always produce better results. Your career objective should clearly describe the position you want in the company and explain to them your skills and unique characteristics that qualify you for the position. Do not make this section any longer in order to explain your job skills or persuade employers.

The objective statement should convey to the employer your enthusiasm for your work and should entice the reader to read on. There are several resume samples you can look at to see how this section is used to impress employers. However, make certain that you do not copy this section from the samples. Copying the career objective from a sample resume will give the reader the wrong impression.

How do you write an effective career objective?

Writing an effective objective statement entails a number of steps. A little extra research and effort can result in a perfect job-specific career statement. The following are some critical points that should be included in this brief statement:

  • Position for which you are applying
  • Relevant skills for the position
  • Achievements that correspond to your desired job profile

The objective section is where you can tell the employer what you can bring to the company. Employers are not interested in knowing what you expect from the company; rather, they want to know what you can offer them and how you can benefit the company.

If you use a generic job objective, employers will match it to job openings in their organization to determine whether you are qualified for the position. Employers will be impressed and your chances of getting a job interview will increase if you tailor your job statement to the specific job.

It is difficult to include your accomplishments, skills, and interests in two lines. Employers should have a good idea of the rest of the information in your CV after reading your career statement. This statement should not only discuss your career objectives, but also your personality, confidence, and positive attitude.


Seeking a position in the company’s administrative department to put my acquired skills to good use and benefit the organization.

The example above demonstrates a poor presentation of your career statement. The position that a candidate is seeking in the company is not discussed in detail, and the statement does not list any of the candidate’s skills or accomplishments. Instead, you can revise this objective statement as follows:


An experienced administrative assistant with over 3 years of experience seeking a similar position in the company’s administrative department where I can use my administrative, organizational, and management skills to improve my efficiency and benefit the organization.

The example above will give you a good idea of how to write your major accomplishments, experience, and skills in a concise manner and create an impressive objective statement.

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