Tips for Job Searching

Draper Bowen

So I just noticed that a job that I applied for and was interviewed for has been re-posted as having two positions available, and the posting was recently updated, but when I go to that company’s website and sign in, it states that I am still “under consideration” for that specific job opening.

According to the forums, it is the hiring manager’s responsibility to go back through and change the status to “No Longer Under Consideration.”

The Hiring Manager must repeat this process for all prospective employees whose applications they have acknowledged.

They don’t always do this for all of them because there can be hundreds at a time. Every time someone applies, they have to acknowledge them electronically, and once the position is filled or you are no longer considered for it, they don’t go back through each and every applicant to acknowledge that you either didn’t qualify or that you did qualify but someone had more experience than you.

Continue to apply. Also, if the company website indicates that you are still being considered, CALL THEM IF IT HAS BEEN MORE THAN A WEEK SINCE YOU INTERVIEWED.

When you first apply, a company may send you an e-mail confirming receipt of your application and/or resume. They will state in this e-mail that they will review the information provided and that if you have the skill set that they are looking for, someone will contact you.

After receiving this e-mail, call within a couple of days to let them know you are still available and interested in the position if it is still available.

You may receive a follow-up e-mail within two days to two weeks informing you that you are no longer being considered for the position, but it is best not to wait.

Do not wait for a response to a specific job posting.

Continue to apply to other positions. Continue to review your resumes and applications.

Don’t be disheartened if you see a job you applied for again on the job search site.

Simply reapply if you are still interested. It’s possible that there were more experienced candidates available at the time of your initial inquiry, even though you had the qualifications they were looking for.

Perhaps one of the initial candidates did not take advantage of the opportunity. The fact that you saw the job posting again does not imply that you were not at least considered.