About Us

Tribal Jobs is committed to helping the Indigenous people of Canada find rewarding job opportunities and plan their careers. With our cross-country connections, we can facilitate recruitment for a wide variety of employers in all manner of industries.

Our Services

Tribal Jobs utilizes advanced SEO features to provide maximum exposure for all of our clients, be they job seekers prospective employers, or employment agencies.

Advertise a job

Attract the perfect candidate for your position. Advertise your job to thousands of talented applications from Aboriginal Communities all over Canada.

CV search

Find the perfect candidate using our CV search feature. There are talented candidates in Aboriginal Communities near you. This app helps you find their resumes fast.

Recruiter profiles

Generate a corporate profile page so that you can bring the top candidates right to you. Let potential employees known everything about you, including what benefits you offer, where you’re located, and more.

Job Search

Browse job postings in both the private and public sectors, easily filtering them to find the positions that suit you best. If you’d like, you can reduce your search time by subscribing to email alerts or Job Match, which will automatically find available positions that fit your skills.

Display jobs

With job filters, prospective employees can search for positions for which they are best qualified. Not only does this save time, but it allows for maximum placement potential.

For Recruiters

Thanks to our large pool of qualified Indigenous candidates, recruiters can seize this opportunity to diversify their workforce while minimizing the time, cost, and effort associated with a wide-scale talent search.

About Tribal Jobs

Tribal Jobs is one of the most important employment portals for Canada’s Indigenous people. With our innovative services, we can quickly and effectively bridge the gap between candidates and companies. At the same time that we offer companies the tools they need to effectively search for talent, we also provide the tips and advice job seekers need to boost their chances of landing the position they want. 

In the end, we help the Indigenous People in Canada find the right opportunities for their skills.