5 Reasons Why Restaurants Make Excellent First Jobs

Freddie Adams

Almost everyone recalls their first job. Paper routes, raking lawns, and shoveling driveways were some of the most common ways for previous generations to begin earning money. Restaurants now have some of the most common entry-level jobs. These positions are in high demand because employees can be easily trained. Here are five reasons why a career in the service industry is a good place to start.


Unlike many traditional professions, service industry workers frequently have a wide range of scheduling flexibility. If a restaurant serves all three meals, there may be three separate shifts throughout the day. This means that you can design a work schedule that allows you to meet other obligations such as school, chores, and athletics. In addition, most restaurants allow employees to work as much or as little as they want. That means you can work full-time during the summer and then switch to weekends once school resumes.

Increased Pay

People who did not work in the service industry almost always had a minimum wage job as their first job. Working as a busser or waiter allows you to easily earn more than the minimum wage through tips. In some states, servers are paid the minimum wage plus tips. On a busy day, it is not uncommon for a waiter to earn more than $100 in tips in addition to their base pay. A benefit of receiving tips is that most businesses pay them out in cash at the end of each shift, so you’ll have money to spend every day you work.

You Can Work From Anywhere

Working as a busser or server is especially useful if you are relocating to a new city. Because the fundamentals of waiting tables are generally the same wherever you go in the United States, it is very simple to transition to a new establishment. Many people will work in a bar or cafe after relocating to figure out what they want to do.

There Are Always Opportunities

Because the service industry has a high turnover rate, there are always openings in restaurants for all positions. Even if a business is fully staffed, they may hire additional employees during peak seasons. Even if the job you want is not available, moving from a busser to a waiter or a waiter to a bartender can be a simple transition.

It instills humility

It’s difficult to understand how difficult working in a restaurant can be until you’ve done it. Employees are on their feet for the duration of their shift, running between the kitchen, bar, and dining room. When dealing with difficult customers, you must learn patience because you cannot ignore them, even if they are acting irrationally.

To summarize, the service industry is ideal for a first-time job for all of the reasons stated. If you’re looking for work, check out your local restaurants to see who’s hiring today.