Important Points to Consider When Creating Your Video Resume

Evelyne Brown

We are in a situation where landing a job interview is becoming increasingly difficult, and it is critical to create more exposure to differentiate yourself from the rest of the noisy job-market.

How can this be accomplished?

Here comes the video resume, which allows you to essentially convey key points from your typed resume in a brief video. The hope is that the recruiter will be impressed and will give you interview opportunities right away.

Here are some more pointers to consider as you make your first.

Budget Restriction

Many first-time job seekers may be on a tight budget, which means that hiring a professional company to create a video resume is out of the question. But don’t be concerned.

You can ask students in audio-visual courses to design and record for you as part of their project, and in exchange, you can include their names and contact information at the end to serve as accreditation. This creates a win-win situation.

Maintain It Within A Minute

The Video Resume should be no more than a minute long because if it is any longer, the recruiter may become confused about the main message.

Make a Script

You should spend some time writing and editing a script unless you are an experienced or established Video Blogger. Perfect practice makes perfect. Check for grammatical errors and make sure the script is clear and does not overwhelm the viewer with information.

Take notes on the script

It will appear more appealing to memorize the script if it appears more natural and believable. Following a script will also ensure that you meet the time constraints.

Formal Attire

Remember to be courteous to the recruiter and to dress formally for the occasion. You are sending an important message that you are a team player who can dress to present the company in a positive light.


Remember to include some subtitles so that the recruiter remembers key words such as “initiative,” “experienced,” “team-player,” and “hardworking.” To make an even bigger impact, make sure these key words are colored and animated in some way.


Many of the video resumes I’ve seen on YouTube have rather ominous background music. It’s a shame that the music doesn’t match the content. Another disadvantage is that the music may drown out what you want to say to the recruiter, and the purpose of creating a video resume will be lost.


The verdict is still out on uploading your video resume to YouTube. On YouTube, I’ve seen perfectly good video resumes with extremely unfair and negative comments. These remarks are unhelpful and may even distract the recruiter. As a result, if you upload your Video Resume to YouTube, you should disable the comment page.

Your Judges

You should make an effort to include short clips of your referees telling the recruiter about your strengths in your video resume. This will send a strong message to your recruiter that you are serious about acing the job and that you have people who can attest to your abilities. Remember to include the names and phone numbers of your referees.

Platform for Mobile

Because recruiters are increasingly using their mobile devices to view your video resume, don’t include too much information or it will look cluttered. Then the impact of making it will be lost.

Best wishes on your Video Resume creation.