Don’t Put Yourself in a Box When Attending A Job Interview

Freddie Adams

When attending a job interview, most people always consider what to say in order to impress the interviewer and land the job. In your mind, you become a high flyer when it comes time to promote yourself to the panel of HR specialists and High Administration Workforce conducting the interview, and you begin reeling off your most rehearsed achievements in your area of specialization.

When attending an interview, you must not only research the company, but you must also research its internal structure and employee welfare package deal. These will provide you with more information if you are asked the mighty question about wage expectations. As a result of this query, you may either accept much less or scream Hallelujah!

In general, while Mr. B’s response appears to be very appropriate, it isn’t any better than Mr. A’s response. Do you want to know why? I’ll explain why based on my own personal experiences over the years.

So you aced the interview and were also able to persuade them to pay you within the wage range you requested, for example, N1M (One Million Nigerian Naira) per year. You dress appropriately to pick up your employment letter, which states all of the additional benefits, such as housing, utility, leisure, transportation, bonus, and so on., after which your coronary heart is thrashing so fast with pleasure that you won’t anticipate the resumption day to return, so as to show your employer they made the correct choice. After a month on the job, you get that first credit score alert you’ve been anticipating, and the reality sets in. Employee pension deducted at 8%, tax deducted at 10%-20% of monthly gross (you may be on your own if the company is tax compliant), 3% bonus to be paid at the end of the fiscal year Congratulations, Mr. B, your take residence has now turned into your nightmare because you solely negotiated your Annual Gross Earnings.

Almost everyone I know who lives in Nigeria, particularly in Lagos, has experienced the situation described above. I’m sure you’re nodding your head now, satisfied with the state of affairs. So, what’s the solution and way out of this recurring event that has played out in most of our lives?

You are cordially invited to the brand new Nigeria, where you must always dot your i’s and cross your t’s at all times. When you are next asked that crucial life-changing question at an interview, all you have to do is be very specific and in clear terms negotiate your take home pay, which is your net in any case deductions. The Gross they arrive at is never your cup of tea, but it is the corporate’s. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tax deduction, a pension, or simply a title, as long as they can pay for what you’ve requested on a monthly basis, then both events are fantastic. Generally, we like the sound of the Gross pay because it is spherical and bogus and sounds pleasing to the heart and soul, but in reality, the shock that comes with it will leave you speechless for the subsequent few months, and as an alternative of you settling into your new job, staff begin to plan the subsequent transfer.

Don’t get caught up in these fancy packages; they’re primarily deducted from your gross pay. The next time you’re asked about your wage expectations, remember to speak about your take dwelling (Net earnings) in clear terms.